H. MTD . PC16

…The right solution for the command of Electrical/Power systems !


Industrial applications | Command reliability | High security level | Durability


. Description

H relays : Thanks to a large contact gap and a double break, the H relays can commutate high voltages. The silicone coated steatite insulators ensure excellent insulation. The only difference
between types H10 and H15 is their dielectric in relation to the ground. The H20 relay is based on the same design but has a larger contact gap and a very large contact – ground dielectric, in conformity with the VDE standard (Insulation distance ≥ 70mm) These relays can be submerged in oil.

PC16 relays : they are weldable on printed circuit, dust proof protected, used in telecontrol,
metering circuit, auxiliary automation control.

MTD relays : Despite its compactness, this relay has a strong breaking capacity and is used for energy, safety power, commutation, etc. CENT approved (List LNZ 44.04)


. Applications