Série POW

Power Connector

Push-Pull or Bayonet| Ergonomics | Stainless steel | Multi-Contacts | EMI RFI Protection | Watertight


. Description

Bernier designed the POW connectors specially for equipments asking high current supply in harsh


. Applications



 Power Connectors

. Contact Technology 

The contact line used in POW connectors presents Mechanical and Electrical characteristics allowing electrical supply of equipments working under severe conditions and with many connections. It has been developed to optimize electrical contact due to a contact surface which is equivalent to the cable cross section and a weak insertion effort.


1 pole POW connector (De-rating)


. Connector Technology

The metallic and watertight shells complete to bring the necessary toughness for the required high level reliability. The POW serie construction includes also the «Finger protection» function for user giving an exceptional ability to adapt to a multitude of applications and environments.


. Développement

POW connectors are appreciated for their flexibility to fit customer specifications.
Our Design team is able to propose versions answering to your needs. Reinforcements can be applied in case of use in harder climatic, ergonomic and electromagnetic conditions.
Caps and backshells can also be improved to bring a better ergonomics on your configuration.