Avionic Connector

… the best connection for On Board communications !

Push-Pull | Stainless steel | Ergonomics | EMI RFI Protection  | Watertight


. Description

The function of this connector is to provide electrical connections between the pilot’s headset and the aircraft equipment and also between the technician‘s headset and the aircraft. The 360L6 serie fits on aircrafts and helicopters, both civil and military, and provide all types of on board connections and external connections.


DASSAULT specification N°975B.



. Applications


 . Specific Designs

360L6 connectors are appreciated for their flexibility to fit customer specifications. Our Design team is able to propose versions answering to your needs. Reinforcements can be applied in case of use in harder climatic, ergonomic and electromagnetic conditions. Caps and backshells can also be improved to bring a better ergonomics on your configuration.
360L6 standard receptacles are equipped with a ground ring giving a high EMC level. This function developed by Bernier brings a better continuity between the connectors shells and a protection on 360°